People's Poetry - Mansfield

Won’t it Fab

It’s in my blood, Mansfield; it’s where I took my first breath,

Danced my first dance

And wore paper pants

To the Palais De Danse

Here was my first love,

My first kiss, my first blush and teenage crush.

It’s in my soul; the Granada where bands kept coming,

Hot pants in red PVC

Skirts well above knee

Cider and Cherry B

Here was my first job,

Elite did employ, chips to enjoy after time at Black Boy.

It’s in my heart, Mansfield; it’s where memories were carved,

Sparkling like jewels

First Ladybrook schools

Then bending Queggs rules

There are changes of course, some’s good and some’s bad

But it’s where I’m from and it’s so nice when am om.

Angie Peppard

Ramblings of a local lass

At the edge of the forest the buzzards fly

In the early morn the fox slinks by

The hedgehog ambles at the edge of the lawn

Not far from Mansfield, where I was born

Bustling town and new estates

Back in the fifties time didn't wait

I grew up and was schooled just after the war

At Ethel Wainwright and Sherwood Hall

Now in retirement, slowing down

I'm back from my travels, to Mansfield town

Yorkshire and Lincolnshire didn't enfold me

Like this wondrous county-home of the oak tree.

Elaine Price


Illustration of Mansfield by Hannah Sawtell

© Copyright 2015 First Art.

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