People's Poetry - Bolsover

Bolsover, My Happy Place

Joans', it was a super shop,

It sold all sorts of things.

Nail-clippers, talc, deodorant,

Boot polish, curtain-rings.

I'll have to start and get my stuff

Elsewhere now I suppose.

To get my favourite brands,

I will be paying through the nose.

'Cause Joans' shop ain't there anymore.

Harrisons' it kept my mum

In jewellery for years

I had my ears pierced after school,

My eyes, they filled with tears.

But now, I'll have to find another shop

To buy my rings.

My necklaces and birthday gifts

And other pretty things.

'Cause Harrisons' ain't there anymore.

My dad, he used to fill his car

At Eyres, on Saturday.

Or should I say, a lady with a beehive

While he'd pay.

But now I fill my own car up,

It seems an age ago.

And Eyres' shop now treats animals,

A vets' now don't you know.

'Cause Eyres' shop ain't there anymore.

Ludlams' was the place for hooks and eyes

Or kitchen tiles.

It saved me going into town

And travelling for miles.

But it's now had a re-vamp,

An Italian restaurant.

I could go into Bella Bleu

For pasta if I want.

'Cause Ludlams ain't there anymore.

A springboard, floats and water cold

And Mr. Palfryman.

And chlorine, footbaths, showers, blue tiles,

A race I nearly won.

But now they have to go to town

Or Creswell with the school.

For on this site's a nursing-home

Where once there was a pool.

'Cause Bosa baths ain't there anymore.

One of the first pubs I went in

When I was seventeen.

With lots of disco nights as well,

I loved the music scene.

Now no more being sick on someones shoe,

Too much to drink.

It now sells lovely antiques

And some old clothes too I think.

'Cause Angel ain't there anymore.

The Sportsdrome was a perfect end

To every Friday night.

They also served a perfect steak

Sometimes, a car-park fight!

So now we'll drift to Wetherspoons,

'Surprised me when it came.

It's nice I s'pose and prices too

But character's not t'same.

'Cause Sportsdrome ain't there anymore.

The sweaty sock smell filled the air

On some days of the week

A siren often sounded and

I hoped there weren't a leak.

But now some land lays derelict,

Re-cycling plant evolved.

I think they've got plans for the site,

That would be problem solved.

'Cause Coalite ain't there anymore.

A host of festivals are staged,

Throughout each passing year.

The happiness on family's faces,

Memories held dear.

The castle stands so proud, so bold,

To visit is a treat.

It holds events with cavaliers,

It's lawns well kept and neat.

The Castle is there evermore...

Babs Barson

Firework's Night

The aroma of hotdogs and burgers are strong,

Kid's wave their neon wands in the air!

The music is thumping but not for long,

Couples and families, look upwards, and stare...

Thousands of people gaze into the sky,

The music is loud and the countdown is on!

Colours stream upwards as firework's fly,

The darkness is lit by a flash, then it's gone...

The sky is ablaze with colour and mist,

Crackles and bangs, the excitement is tense...

An explosion of stars, no one can resist,

Showers over the crowd, their pleasure immense!

The finale is over, the applauding is loud!

We exit the grounds, then onto the Fair...

The Fairground is busy, we merge into the crowd,

The town is awash with goodwill everywhere...

The weather is cold but the evening is great,

It usually rains, we put up with the hassle!

Next year we'll buy tickets and participate,

Returning once more to Bolsover Castle...

Lorraine Bytheway (a member of the Bolsover Poetry Group)


Bolsover illustration by Emily Howells

© Copyright 2015 First Art.

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