Portrait: People and Places of the First Art Area

25th April - 13th May 2015

Portrait was the official launch of the First Art project, allowing us the opportunity to make a big splash in Mansfield town centre. It brought together two major artist commissions in an innovative light-box exhibition system brought to the UK by Procur.arte of Portugal. These robust yet beautiful structures were able to be installed in the public space and left overnight so that they could be a real part of the physical landscape of the town for the duration of the exhibition.

First Art invited two rising stars of the UK photography world, David Severn and Kajal Nisha Patel, to travel around Mansfield, Ashfield, Bolsover and North East Derbyshire to create a PORTRAIT of the people and places of the First Art area.

The launch night was Saturday 25th April, and we were very happy to be part of a special night of celebrations in conjunction with the launch of the Mansfield Purple Flag initiative.

Over the course of the installation thousands of people looked at, touched, photographed and talked about the Portrait light-boxes.

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